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Guv Huck: Term Limits for Supreme Justices

This past weekend, in an interview with the LA Times following remarks at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, CA, former Governor and possible 2016 Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said "nobody should be in an unelected position for life."  He endorsed the idea that Supreme Court justices should serve a set term of years.  Such a move would require a Constitutional amendment and state ratification.


Huckabee was speaking at the Nixon library's replica of the East Room of the White House, complete with Presidential-seal  podium.  As reported by the Times, he added "Let me just say, I really like this podium. I think a fellow could get used to a podium like this, but that’s another discussion for another day."  He said the nation's Founders came close to placing term limits on the Judiciary branch of government.  Both Sen. Rand Paul and Texas Governor Rick Perry, possible 2016 competitors, have backed Supreme Court term limits.


Like former President Clinton, Huckabee grew up poor in Hope, Arkansas.  He ran for President in 2008.


What's your reaction: are Supreme Court term limits a good idea, or should the Constitution be left alone?