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Jeb Bush would have invaded Iraq too.

In case you were wondering, Jeb Bush says his brother made the right call on Iraq. In a recent interview with Fox's Megyn Kelly, set to air Monday night, Jeb Bush said given the intelligence available at the time, he would have ordered the US to war there.  He did say US intelligence leading up to the war was "faulty."


He also reminded the interviewer that Hillary Clinton made the same call.


The decision to go into Iraq remains controversial for many Americans, including liberals opposed to war powers overseas generally, and conservatives who think that Iraq was no real threat at the time. The overall cost of the Iraq war has been over a trillion dollars, and it remains to be seen if the country will remain a stable democracy. Most Americans remain convinced that going into Afghanistan was a necessity due to the fact that it had harbored Bin Laden and his lieutenants.


In the same interview, Jeb Bush, who has yet to formally announce for President but is widely expected to do so, spoke of the need for an amnesty pathway for illegal immigrants.


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