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Repub Chief Warns Both Sides to Keep Big Picture in Mind

Trying to hold together a fractious and uneasy Republican Party this primary season, the RNC chief warned both sides to keep the big picture in mind.


According to CNN reporting, Reince Priebus had the anti-Trump leaders in mind when he said:


"It is essential to victory in November that we all support our candidate.  This goes for everyone, whether you're a county party chairman, an RNC member or a presidential candidate. Politics is a team sport, and we can't win unless we rally around whoever becomes our nominee."


But he also had a clear message for the Trump campaign, saying that unless Trump arrived in Cleveland with the required majority of 1237 delegages in hand, the convention rules would dictate a second ballot, where many of the delegates would be freed up to vote for whomever they chose.  "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades," he said.


At this point Party insiders are split on whether Trump can reach 1237.  Some say it is increasingly more difficult to do, while others, including those not affiliated with Trump, say there's a good chance, especially after New York, that in fact he will reach that number--thereby avoiding a "contested convention."


Repub convention officials have also heard of delegates concerns over security in Cleveland, with some delegates already receiving communications hinting of violence if they stray.


You make the call: will Trump reach the magic number?  Comment below...