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Sen. Sanders Asks: what's Clinton's view on Keystone?

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Indie Senator running as a Dem for the 2016 Presidential nomination, is wondering where Hillary Clinton stands on the Keystone Pipeline's construction.  He's not alone.


The former Secretary of State has been silent on the Keystone project, causing environmentalists in her party to avoid endorsing her. Sanders has come out fully against the project, stating in a recent article that: “I have helped lead the opposition against the Keystone pipeline. I think Secretary Clinton has not been clear on her views on that issue.”   Republicans are also wondering where she stands, and the issue will no doubt be part of the 2016 campaign, especially in the affected states where environmentalists will be up against those wanting the construction jobs the project would provide.


As secretary of state from 2009 to 2013, Clinton was--short of the President himself--the most senior Administration official responsible for reviewing TransCanada Corp.’s application to build the pipeline, a process that has stretched on for more than six years.


Of course, Sanders hasn't had kind words for Republicans either, accusing them of "not understanding the silence" of global warming.


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