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Who is Al Gore backing in 2016? He won't say...

According to an article in the NY Post, former Vice President Al Gore said it was "too early" for him to say that Hillary Clinton would be the next President, or should be.


The two had a somewhat complicated relationship from their time together during Bill Clinton's two terms in the 1990s. Most observers expect Gore to eventually endorse her, though today's comments will raise eyebrows.


The interview took place at a conference in France, where Gore used his speech at Cannes to call on the ad and creative world to help him in his fight against climate change.  When asked about climate deniers, Gore said the opposition to reform was run by polluters and compared their actions to the tobacco industry of the past.  He blasted lobbyists and special interests for blocking reform: “American democracy has been hacked … the US became the world’s leader by making better decisions than any other nation … the role of money really degraded the decision-making quality in the US."