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Heather Ross, Candidate [D, AZ-6]
District 6, Arizona


Heather Ross was born in Phoenix and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, the oldest of four children. Heather attended public schools throughout her K-12 education and graduated with honors from Horizon High School at the age of 16. She was accepted at Yale University to study molecular biophysics and biochemistry. Heather and her parents took out loans, and she worked campus and summer jobs waiting tables and as an office assistant to pay for college.


Heather Ross pursued a nursing career at Boston College. There, she discovered a passion for cardiology that led to her career as a nurse practitioner to this day. In 2004, Heather returned to Arizona, this time with her husband Mitch and their three daughters. They are active members of the Jewish community in Scottsdale. She joined Arizona Arrhythmia Consultants as a nurse practitioner in 2008. While caring for patients and raising her family with her husband, Heather earned a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and PhD in Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology both at Arizona State University (ASU).


Location Arizona
Party Democrat