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James Lankford [R, OK]


James Lankford graduated from the University of Texas with B.S. in Secondary Education and from Southwestern Seminary and received a Masters degree in Divinity. From 1996 through 2009 he directed the Falls Creek summer camp from 1996 to 2009. Falls Creek is the largest Christian camp in the nation with over 51,000 people attending last summer. James is a member of several organizations including the Heritage Foundation, Deer Creek Chamber of Commerce and the NRA. He and his wife have 2 children. He first won election to the US House in 2010.


In January 2014, James Lankford said he would give up his 5th Congressional District seat to run for the US Senate; incumbent Sen. Tom Coburn decided to retire early. Given the demographics of Oklahoma, he easily won the general election to serve the last 2 years of Coburn's term. Lankford will likely run again in 2016.

US Chamber of Commerce () Gun Owners of America ()
AFL-CIO () American Civil Liberties Union ()
National Taxpayers Union () NARAL Pro-Choice America ()
American Conservative Union () League of Women Voters ()

New Budget Agreement for Federal Gov't --
Immigration Overhaul w/Path to Citizenship --
End the Government Shutdown --
Employee Non-Discriminaton Based on Sexual Identity --
Firearms Background Check --
Maintain 60-vote Senate Filibuster Rules on Nominations --


D.O.B 03/04/1968
Rank junior
Location Oklahoma
Office 316 Hart Senate Office Building
Party Republican
Phone 202-224-5754