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Keith J. Rothfus [R, PA-12]
District 12, Pennsylvania


Keith Rothfus has been as an attorney in the private sector.  From 2005 to 2007, Keith worked in the Department of Homeland Security, creating and heading the office that was set up to work with faith-based organizations to provide disaster relief after Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters. After graduating from Notre Dame Law School twenty years ago, Keith, his wife Elsie, and their young daughter moved to southwestern Pennsylvania. Keith and Elsie reside in Allegheny County, in the same neighborhood where Elsie was raised, and that young daughter is now a sophomore in college and the oldest of six children. Keith Rothfus won his US House race over Rep. Mark Critz in 2012.


D.O.B 04/25/1962
Location Pennsylvania
Office 1205 Longworth House Office Building
Party Republican
Phone 202-225-2065
Fax 202-225-5709