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Wendy Davis, Candidate [D, TX-21]
District 21, Texas


Wendy Davis is a lawyer and Democratic Party politician from Fort Worth, Texas. Davis represented District 10 in the Texas Senate from 2009 to 2015. She was previously on the Fort Worth City Council. She is now a public speaker and political commentator, as well as the founder of Deeds Not Words, a non-profit for engaging young women in politics.

On June 25, 2013, Davis held a thirteen-hour-long filibuster to block Senate Bill 5, a measure which included more restrictive abortion regulations for Texas. The filibuster played a major role in Senate Democrats' success in delaying passage of the bill beyond the midnight deadline for the end of the legislative session, though it ultimately passed in a second session. The filibuster brought Davis national attention, leading to speculation about a run for governor of Texas. She subsequently ran for governor of Texas in 2014, but was defeated by Republican Party nominee Greg Abbott, 59–38%. In 2020, she will run for the House seat for Texas' 21st district.


Location Texas
Party Democrat

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