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What exactly is Votesane? is a conduit PAC, meaning that we collect funds from voters like you and send them to the candidate(s) you designate.  We are the only website listing all federal candidates for office and allowing you to support whomever you want.  We list everyone and don't take sides on who deserves your support--you decide who does.


Why did you start this website?  

We wondered why voters couldn't just go to one website, read up on all the candidates, get some unbiased news, and then decide on whom to support.  


But I wanted to give to the candidate, not to Votesane. 

Political candidates don't collect the money in their living rooms with a credit card machine.  There is always a vendor, even if you give directly on the candidate's own website.  And by using Votesane, more of your dollars go to the candidate, because we are cheaper than other vendors.


What do you mean you are "cheaper than other vendors"?

Votesane forwards 95% of your donation to the candidate.  Credit card companies get roughly 2.5%, and Votesane LLC keeps 2.5% for funding the business.  Most vendors will collect a higher percentage, and some keep much higher amounts for overhead!


What governs how Votesane operates?  

Like all vendors involved with political fundraising at the federal level, Votesane must comply with Federal Elections Commission rules and reguations.  These govern how quickly Votesane must get the money to the candidates (10 days or less), as well as reporting requirements.


What about reporting requirements?  Are you guys part of the "dark money" world?

Votesane must report all information required by the FEC on donors supporting their candidates for federal office.  This includes names, addresses, occupations & employers of donors, and amounts donated.   We collect it from you on the donations pages of the candidates and report it to the FEC, which is a public database.  This is the same process used by all vendors raising funds for federal candidates.  


So the Votesane team doesn't direct where my money goes?

That's exactly right.  You decide who deserves your support.  Votesane just makes it easier and cheaper to get involved.  That's why we say "Take Control of Your Country."  We're giving you a tool to get involved.